psagot winery
Psagot Winery is located on the Judean Mountain. The winery offers an audio visual exhibit, a strategic exhibit and an outlook over the Judean Mountains as well as a visit to two ancient caves. Visiting the winery is more than the visitors center, it is an encounter with Christian volunteers […]

Psagot Winery – Visitors Center, Vineyard and Ancient Caves

Among the vineyards festival
Among the Vineyards Festival is the celebration of nature, wine, food, music and arts around the Jewish love Day of T’u Beav. The festival will take place at Marom Galile area of the Galilee on August 18-26, 2016. I visited some of the wineries, patisseries, hotels and galleries that will […]

Among the Vineyards Festival at the Galilee

Tzuba Winery presents new wines for summer 2016. The winery is an Estate winery. Tzuba vineyard is located on the hillside Kibbutz Tzuba in the Judaean Mountains at an altitude of 700 meters. The new wines for the summer are: Metzuda Semion Sauvignon 2015, Metzuda Chardonnay 2015, Metzuda Semion/Sauvignon Blan 2013, […]

Tzuba Winery presents new wines

Warm wine punc with Aronia Berry
Warm wine punch with Aronia Berry for “Tu Bishvat”. This year “Tu Bishvat” (the Jewish new year of the trees) is celebrated early in January, which means it is very cold. I prepared a variation of punch, warm wine with Aronia Berry, the super food, to get many antioxidants for […]

Warm Wine Punch with Aronia Berry for Tu Bishvat

Ashkelon is the most western town in Israel! A tour of Ashkelon reveals a beautiful beach with a long groomed promenade, a growing marina and offers 3 hotels, guest houses, a variety of sailing and sea-activities, visitor centers, national park, and many restaurants – it is well worth visiting and staying […]

A Tour of Ashkelon

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The 6th Wine PathFestival 2015 (“Beshvil-Hayayin“) will take place for a whole month between May 12th and June 12th in the Galilee, Golan heights and the valleys.  During the festival, that will span over a month, many wineries will be open for visits. Tours, concerts, wine tasting events and many […]

Galilee and Golan Wine Path Festival 2015