psagot winery
Psagot Winery is located on the Judean Mountain. The winery offers an audio visual exhibit, a strategic exhibit and an outlook over the Judean Mountains as well as a visit to two ancient caves. Visiting the winery is more than the visitors center, it is an encounter with Christian volunteers […]

Psagot Winery – Visitors Center, Vineyard and Ancient Caves

Selichot Tour of Jerusalem- Nightly and Musical Tours
Selichot Tour of Jerusalem is a wonderful way to join the “party” of Jewish Selichot taking place during the nights of Elul (September). There is a regular nightly Selichot tour and a musical Selichot tour that includes singers, cantors, and musicians. In addition to these tours that are in the old city, there […]

Selichot Tour of Jerusalem- Nightly and Musical Tours

Safed Klezmer Festival 2016
Safed Klezmer Festival is one of a kind. For three nights, streets of Safed turn into joyful pedestrian-only streets full of free concerts and street markets. This year, the Safed Klezmer Festival is celebrating its 29th year and there are many interesting stories around the festival. Following the festival, there […]

Safed Klezmer Festival 2016

A Tour of Safed – Galleries, Winery, Dairy and Old Houses
A tour of Safed is more than synagogues and the Safed market. We came to Safed for the Klezmer Festival and took a tour of safed – galleries, winery, dairy, old houses and interesting people! when you plan to get to Safed – plan for more than a day there’s so […]

A Tour of Safed – Galleries, Winery, Dairy and Old Houses

new Jerusalem Attractions
Four new Jerusalem attractions were opened this week: a new tour of the old city (the Broad Wall, the Isralite Towers and the Impression of King Hezkiah’s Royal Seal), the Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Jewish Music and “I am Jerusalem”. These four new Jerusalem attractions are a new addition […]

Four new Jerusalem attractions

Warm wine punc with Aronia Berry
Warm wine punch with Aronia Berry for “Tu Bishvat”. This year “Tu Bishvat” (the Jewish new year of the trees) is celebrated early in January, which means it is very cold. I prepared a variation of punch, warm wine with Aronia Berry, the super food, to get many antioxidants for […]

Warm Wine Punch with Aronia Berry for Tu Bishvat

Hanukkah chocolate coins with Pretzel and M&M are our new giveaway for this Hanukkah. They bring a new dimension to the traditional Hanukkah chocolate coins, no more standard boring coins gold-wrapped plain chocolate coins – from now on we have upgraded chocolate coins with pretzel and mini M&M! These coins […]

Hanukkah Chocolate Coins with Pretzel and M&M

Hanukkah donut decorating activity is a wonderful way to keep children busy in the holiday season! it is also very tasty! What do you need? Plain donuts – preferably the type without the hole Spreads – chocolate, Nutella, jelly, etc. Toppings – candy, icing, sugar stickers and flowers You can […]

Hanukkah Donut Decorating Activity