judean desert off road trip
Judean Desert off road trip and barbecue meal at Ha’Cnaanit chef restaurant is a excellent way to explore the desert, to cross dry river beds, ancient water caves and enjoy unique observation points. A barbecue dinner nearby is a wonderful ending to a day full of adventures. Our day started with […]

Judean Desert off road Trip and Barbecue at Ha’Cnaanit

psagot winery
Psagot Winery is located on the Judean Mountain. The winery offers an audio visual exhibit, a strategic exhibit and an outlook over the Judean Mountains as well as a visit to two ancient caves. Visiting the winery is more than the visitors center, it is an encounter with Christian volunteers […]

Psagot Winery – Visitors Center, Vineyard and Ancient Caves

Selichot Tour of Jerusalem- Nightly and Musical Tours
Selichot Tour of Jerusalem is a wonderful way to join the “party” of Jewish Selichot taking place during the nights of Elul (September). There is a regular nightly Selichot tour and a musical Selichot tour that includes singers, cantors, and musicians. In addition to these tours that are in the old city, there […]

Selichot Tour of Jerusalem- Nightly and Musical Tours

Tzuba Winery presents new wines for summer 2016. The winery is an Estate winery. Tzuba vineyard is located on the hillside Kibbutz Tzuba in the Judaean Mountains at an altitude of 700 meters. The new wines for the summer are: Metzuda Semion Sauvignon 2015, Metzuda Chardonnay 2015, Metzuda Semion/Sauvignon Blan 2013, […]

Tzuba Winery presents new wines

Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet Cheesecake
Pastry Chef Claude Ben Simon of Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem reveals the recipe of the hotel’s cheesecake, based on the Famous Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet Cheesecake! Pastry Chef Claude Ben Simon was born and raised in France, he came to Israel after studying in France and working with Pierre Hermes, and […]

Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet Cheesecake Recipe

new Jerusalem Attractions
Four new Jerusalem attractions were opened this week: a new tour of the old city (the Broad Wall, the Isralite Towers and the Impression of King Hezkiah’s Royal Seal), the Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Jewish Music and “I am Jerusalem”. These four new Jerusalem attractions are a new addition […]

Four new Jerusalem attractions

American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem – Authentic Luxury Experience
American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem is a historical boutique hotel that provides a romantic authentic luxury experience in the spirit of the 19th century Jerusalem. If you are already planning to go to the Jerusalem – why not enjoy a unique experience in a 5 stars pampering ‘museum-like’ hotel?! Read below […]

American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem – Authentic Luxury Experience

Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem
Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem is located in an old nostalgic building with a sunny yard. The restaurant’s menu is very versatile with original tasty Mediterranean food. During the days it is a place for the whole family and in the evening, a location for the Jerusalem bohemia with happy nights […]

Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem

Movida – Tapas bar in Jerusalem
Movida is a chef restaurant – tapas bar in Jerusalem. Movida was opened where the well-known student club Burla was located. Movida, called after the Spanish Movida movement from Madrid that praise hedonism, is a pleasant place to sit in, with good food. The atmosphere is tranquil, wooden décor with […]

Movida – Tapas bar in Jerusalem

shaon horef - winter festival in jerusalem
Shaon Horef (Winter Noise) is a cultural festival that takes place in Jerusalem every Monday evening during the Month of February. The festival hosts musical, food and arts activities, many of them outdoors, in the streets, restaurants and coffee shops. Overall, it there are 300 different activities, about 60 each […]

Shaon Horef – Winter festival in Jerusalem