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Oud restaurant Nazareth
Oud Restaurant Nazareth is an Arab fusion Chef Restaurant in Nazareth located at the new Legacy Hotel. Chef Johny Goric brings together Arab and Middle Eastern flavors and turns them into elegant up-to-date cuisine. Oud is an ancient Middle Eastern musical instrument. The restaurant that was named after it, combines […]

Oud Restaurant Nazareth – Arab Fusion Chef Restaurant

steak at marinado
Marinado Steakhouse at the Sea of Galilee is an excellent meat restaurant that serves juicy steaks, hamburgers and a variety of meats straight from the farm at the Golan Heights. The Steakhouse is located just off Ein-Gev junction is housed in a gourmet shop that has everything for your trip […]

Marinado Steakhouse at Ein Gev (Sea of Galilee)

judean desert off road trip
Judean Desert off road trip and barbecue meal at Ha’Cnaanit chef restaurant is a excellent way to explore the desert, to cross dry river beds, ancient water caves and enjoy unique observation points. A barbecue dinner nearby is a wonderful ending to a day full of adventures. Our day started with […]

Judean Desert off road Trip and Barbecue at Ha’Cnaanit

Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem
Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem is located in an old nostalgic building with a sunny yard. The restaurant’s menu is very versatile with original tasty Mediterranean food. During the days it is a place for the whole family and in the evening, a location for the Jerusalem bohemia with happy nights […]

Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem

home made restaurant
Home Made restaurant is a pleasant restaurant with home style food, tasty and healthy. It is pleasant to sit there and enjoy the endless selection of tasty dishes full of color and flavors with many vegetarians, vegan, and gluten free options. In the center of Montefiore neighborhood, a few blocks […]

Home Made – Tasty Healthy Restaurant

Isareli diner - burgers
Burgus Burger Bar (BBB) is a well established Israeli diner chain that specializes in quality burgers and much more. BBB announces a new menu with a collection of concept burgers such as Latino, Maragez, Jamaica, and more. All BBB’s burgers are made from selected parts that are made fresh and grinded locally. […]

Burgus Burger Bar (BBB) – Isareli Diner

Medita is a trendy kosher meditterenean chef bistro in Jerusalem. The kosher restaurant in Jerusalem Israel, that is well-located not far from Armon Hanaziv and the old city, uses local ingredients with an up-to-date kitchen. The restaurant is designed as a modern bistro. It is quite large and can accommodate up […]

Medita Restaurant Jerusalem

Yulia restaurant is located on the desk overlooking the beach at the southern end of the Port of Tel Aviv, right near the famous beach called ‘Mezizim’, which makes it a perfect location for a mean before or after bathing in the sea and for a pleasant dinner with the […]

Yulia at the Port of Tel Aviv