Post Protective SPF50 - high spf Day Cream
Post Protective SPF50 is one of the best high spf day cream you can find! It has super-effective new-generation sunscreen called UV PEARLTM, based on micro-capsulation of inorganic sunscreens, and is rich with vitamins, antioxidants, herbal oils and extracts. This cream feels like super-light day cream but with a power sunscreen! […]

Post Protective – excellent high SPF day cream

Israeli cosmetics
Israel has a leading cosmetics industry with a unique natural resource – Dead Sea minerals. The industry is highly innovative with new technologies and patents. The products are gaining high popularity worldwide! Here are a few leading brands worth knowing! The Israeli cosmetics industries are using a variety of natural […]

Israeli Cosmetics

24 Karat Gold Cosmetics from Jivago Beverly Hills
24 Karat Gold Cosmetics from the Jivago Beverly Hills established by the Israeli Ilana Jivago presents a line of gold perfumes and gold-based high scale cosmetics products. I tried Javago’s Or Pur perfume and eye cream, and they are quite unique! Historians tell that Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, used […]

24 Karat Gold Cosmetics from Jivago Beverly Hills

In the upper Galilee, at the far end of the Druze Village of Beit Jann, in the heart of a nature reserve national park, where everything is green and the air is fresh, hides the modern natural cosmetics factory – Dr. Dabour Labs that produces a variety of natural-modern skincare […]

Dr Dabour Labs at Beit Jann