Hanukkah chocolate coins with Pretzel and M&M are our new giveaway for this Hanukkah. They bring a new dimension to the traditional Hanukkah chocolate coins, no more standard boring coins gold-wrapped plain chocolate coins – from now on we have upgraded chocolate coins with pretzel and mini M&M! These coins […]

Hanukkah Chocolate Coins with Pretzel and M&M

An impressive brownie cookie-butter mousse cake: A layer of brownies, cream of cookie-butter, vanilla mousse, with Oreo crambs on top. A very sweet and rich cake that looks like a “million dollar” cake. Ingredients The cake can fit 24-26 cm diameter cake, the one I made was in 24cm spring […]

Brownies and Cookie-Butter Mousse Cake

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An impressive milk chocolate truffle with a center of coconut. Tasty, lovely, and gluten free! Ingredients Coconut Layer 100 grams shredded coconut 100 ml (3 oz) sweet condensed milk Truffle Layer 300 grams milk chocolate 75 ml whip cream 10-20 grams glucose/butter (for preservation, optional) 1 Tbsp of liqueur of […]

Double Layer Chocolate-Coconut Truffles