gaash spa
Gaash Spa and Hot Springs offers a full day of pampering – spa treatments, thermo-mineral hot springs and saunas. It is only 30 minutes drive from Tel Aviv. To celebrate my birthday, I was invited to a girls day at Hamei Gaash Spa. While I don’t really need an excuse, […]

Gaash Spa and Hot Springs – a pampering day near Tel Aviv

Valley of Springs Israel Full Moon Festival
Valley of Springs Israel offers many attractions. On the night of July 21st, 2016, a full moon night festival will take place. During the festival many attractions will be open for night tours for 10 NIS. This includes: Springs, museums, tours, workshops, etc. Here are some of the attractions I […]

Valley of Springs Israel Full Moon Festival

Among the vineyards festival
Among the Vineyards Festival is the celebration of nature, wine, food, music and arts around the Jewish love Day of T’u Beav. The festival will take place at Marom Galile area of the Galilee on August 18-26, 2016. I visited some of the wineries, patisseries, hotels and galleries that will […]

Among the Vineyards Festival at the Galilee

Gallery La Brocante du Village
Israeli Antiques and Vintage Gallery “Le Brocante du Village” at Ramot Hashavim is a magical place for any vintage and antique lover. The items in the gallery were picked one by one by Martine and Ezra Barhome at Brocante sales in France, Belgium and Netherlands while they document the story of […]

Israeli Antiques and Vintage Gallery – Le Brocante du Village

Le park entertainment complex near tel aviv
Le Park in Holon is an entertainment complex near Tel Aviv. In the city of Holon, just a few moments drive from Tel Aviv you will find the new entertainment complex “Le park” located in Peres park in Holon. The complex offers a many fun activities for adults and children including Yamit […]

Le Park in Holon – Entertainment Complex Near Tel Aviv

Ashkelon is the most western town in Israel! A tour of Ashkelon reveals a beautiful beach with a long groomed promenade, a growing marina and offers 3 hotels, guest houses, a variety of sailing and sea-activities, visitor centers, national park, and many restaurants – it is well worth visiting and staying […]

A Tour of Ashkelon

Many things to do in Ramla Israel! Only 20 minutes from Tel Aviv, a rejuvenated travel destination is located, offering many holy places, acheology, and a groomed market. A great destination for Gastromony lovers, urban, religion, archeology and children tourists. Ramla was the first settled Mouslim city and today it […]

A tour of Ramla