Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate and Cranberries
Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate is rich with color and taste. It is a greate salad for any table or party and especially suitable for the Jewish New year (Rosh Hashana). It is vegan, gluten free, and very healthy. Ingredients 1 cup of quinoa 1 cup of dried cranberries Seeds of […]

Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate and Cranberries

the mud house
Kibbutz Naan has opened the Mud House and the Weapons Cache for visitors. The mud house contains a permanent exhibition of the early life at the Kibbutz with a focus on security, and entry to the Kibbutz’ Weapons Cache. Kibbutz Naan was established 87 years ago. 30 people settled here […]

Kibbutz Naan Mud House and Weapons Cache

Shofar - Musical Selichot Tour of Jerusalem
Selichot Tour of Jerusalem is a wonderful way to join the “party” of Jewish Selichot taking place during the nights of Elul (September). There is a regular nightly Selichot tour and a musical Selichot tour that includes singers, cantors, and musicians. In addition to these tours that are in the old city, there […]

Selichot Tour of Jerusalem- Nightly and Musical Tours

Manara Cliff - nightly attractions
What’s new in Manara Cliff? Manara goes to new peaks – nightly Activities, Slackline, Barefoot trail, and parent-teen workshop and the Legion-Run all in the Manara Cliff. Manara Lodge is offering Kibbutz-style action-inclusive vacation in the northern Galilee, featuring the Manara Cliff with extreme activities (the mountain slide, Bungee trampoline, Rappelling, […]

What’s new in Manara Cliff – nightly activities and new attractions

a tour of safed
A tour of Safed is more than synagogues and the Safed market. We came to Safed for the Klezmer Festival and took a tour of safed – galleries, winery, dairy, old houses and interesting people! when you plan to get to Safed – plan for more than a day there’s so […]

A Tour of Safed – Galleries, Winery, Dairy and Old Houses

safed klezmer festival
Safed Klezmer Festival is one of a kind. For three nights, streets of Safed turn into joyful pedestrian-only streets full of free concerts and street markets. This year, the Safed Klezmer Festival is celebrating its 29th year and there are many interesting stories around the festival. Following the festival, there […]

Safed Klezmer Festival 2016

Sky Jump, the Trampoline Park in Raanana, spans over 1500 square meters with over 50 jumping surfaces, including a sponge pool, dodge ball, cage ball, beam, basketball, a toddler area, and a gallery for the parents. There’s also a 7d-Max theatre there! Sky Jump is the right place for all […]

Sky Jump – Trampoline Park in Raanana

Valley of Springs Israel Full Moon Festival
Valley of Springs Israel offers many attractions. On the night of July 21st, 2016, a full moon night festival will take place. During the festival many attractions will be open for night tours for 10 NIS. This includes: Springs, museums, tours, workshops, etc. Here are some of the attractions I […]

Valley of Springs Israel Full Moon Festival

Among the vineyards festival
Among the Vineyards Festival is the celebration of nature, wine, food, music and arts around the Jewish love Day of T’u Beav. The festival will take place at Marom Galile area of the Galilee on August 18-26, 2016. I visited some of the wineries, patisseries, hotels and galleries that will […]

Among the Vineyards Festival at the Galilee

Dinosaurs and Ice Age Exhibition in Tel Aviv
Dinosaurs and Ice Age Exhibition is now displayed at Tel Aviv Eretz Israel museum garden during July and August 2016. The exhibition includes dinosaurs and animals from the Ice Age in full scale, a 3D movie and an interactive area. The exhibitions is especially suited for small children but the […]

Dinosaurs and Ice Age Exhibition in Tel Aviv

Tzuba Winery presents new wines for summer 2016. The winery is an Estate winery. Tzuba vineyard is located on the hillside Kibbutz Tzuba in the Judaean Mountains at an altitude of 700 meters. The new wines for the summer are: Metzuda Semion Sauvignon 2015, Metzuda Chardonnay 2015, Metzuda Semion/Sauvignon Blan 2013, […]

Tzuba Winery presents new wines

Berlin Holocaust Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe
Berlin Holocaust Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe consists of a Field of Stelae. A three dimensional installation consisting of 19,000 meters of 2,711 concrete slabs in different heights through which a network of paths cross. When I found myself flying to Berlin on the Holocaust Memorial Day, I […]

Berlin Holocaust Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe